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How android tv boxes can save you money

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Have you heard all the ravings about Android TV boxes and thinking about purchasing one? Well, you would not be the only one, these devices have become extremely popular and it is not without good reason. You have probably heard the term Android before, these boxes are very similar to other Android devices. In fact, these boxes have the same applications and access to functions that you would find on any other android device.

Android TV Boxes And Android Mini-PCs

Some people often confuse Android TV boxes with android mini-PCs. It is pretty easy to understand why people would confuse the two, because they often times come equipped with the very same hardware. In fact, sometimes mini-PCs are referred to as Google TV boxes, even though they are not even a box and do not have the capabilities to run to Google TV. An Android box is much more powerful and expensive than the mini-PC stick and includes more video-out options.

What Can An Android Box Do?

If you have an Android phone or used one in the past, this box is going to bring all the same options to your big screen. However, this does not mean that you will be able to take phone calls through your TV, but it does allow you easy at home access to some of your favorite media options. It is more about easy navigation, simple interactivity, and access to entertainment. In fact, you even have the option of setting up a voice control, so that you can actually tell your TV what you want it to do. 

How To Buy An Android Box?

If you are interested in purchasing a TV box, you can do so through the Internet. However, the technology has become so popular that many TV manufacturers are embedding these new boxes into their TVs. If you go to purchase a new TV, there is a good chance that it might already include an android box. At least you will have the option of buying one that comes with a box.

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