WDAR Dublin - West Dublin Air Rifles

Our Air Rifle Club Got an Openbox V9S

We have been looking around for a low cost way of getting some TV’s setup in the club not only as a way of watching back GoPro footage of the nights events but also for if there is any sports on in the evenings so members can watch after a fight. We looked at several options and got some free TV’s off some of the members which are old but will do the job and are greatly appreciated.

We then realised that there is a Satellite still installed on the building and one of our members suggested getting an Openbox freesat TV receiver. These receivers get a large range of freesat channels and you do not need to have a monthly subscription as it is just a one off fee for the box itself. So we picked one up as well as a hard drive to record on to and it works perfectly. We obviously do not get the premium sports channels but everything else is there and it is not going to get too much use anyway.

For those of you who may be interested here is the link from where I got it: https://www.dreambox.ie/openbox-v8s/ . We got it next day delivered so it was a good service and seems to be a good price too. We paid just €79 for it plus delivery so it is not a bad price. We went for the new version of the Openbox V8S which is called the V9S. The main difference between these models is that the Openbox V9S has built in WIFI where as the V8S did not.

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